Hayward Offers AboveGround Pool Owners Salt Chlorination At Half The Cost Of Chemical Chlorine With Salt & Swim® ABG

The three C's of Salt Chlorination - Comfort and Convenience at a Cost pool owners will love - now available for aboveground pools.


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ELIZABETH, NJ (January 27, 2014) - Hayward Pool Products announced the introduction of Salt & Swim® ABG, a salt chlorinator that offers aboveground pool owners unprecedented comfort and convenience at less than half the cost of traditional, factory-produced, chemical chlorine. Salt & Swim ABG is an extension of Hayward’s popular salt chlorine generator Salt & Swim 3C, which was previously only available for in-ground pools.

“After the popular response to Salt & Swim 3C last year, we had builders constantly requesting an above ground version,” Hayward Industries Global Product Manager, Sanitization and Chemical Automation, Ray Denkewicz said. ”Customers love the comfort of silky-soft water and convenience associated with salt chlorination, but are genuinely amazed by the cost savings of more than 50 percent over traditional chemical forms of chlorine.” He explained that before Hayward found a way to make salt chlorination more affordable for everyone, most pool owners simply couldn’t afford it. “This product was a real game changer. And now Salt & Swim ABG will change the aboveground pool game, too.”

Swimmers love salt pools because the more natural chlorination method means no more red eyes, dry skin or that harsh chlorine odor associated with factory-produced chlorine. Salt & Swim ABG also prevents algae growth, which eliminates a time-consuming and costly aspect of pool management.

The convenience of Salt & Swim ABG’s automatic chlorination means aboveground pool owners will not have to lug heavy buckets and jugs of chlorine. Also, the easy, do-it-yourself installation - in 15 minutes or less - saves both time and money.

Salt & Swim ABG produces chlorine from regenerable salt, which results in considerable cost savings, Denkewicz explained. “The easily-replaceable salt cell produces the equivalent of 155 pounds of Trichlor - or 145 gallons of liquid chlorine - over its lifetime. That translates into convenience and cost effectiveness for aboveground pool owners - eliminating worries and providing a great value over chemical chlorine,” he said.

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Acerca de Hayward Pool Products
Hayward Pool Products, una división de Hayward Industries, Inc., es el fabricante más grande de equipos para piscinas residenciales del mundo, con una importante presencia en el mercado de piscinas comerciales que crece continuamente. Hayward, con sede central en Elizabeth, Nueva Jersey, diseña, fabrica y comercializa una línea completa de equipos para piscinas y spas residenciales y comerciales, incluyendo bombas, filtros, climatizadores, limpiafondos, clorinadores de sal y soluciones de automatización, iluminación, seguridad, control de caudal y energía.

The company, which has built its brand on innovation, energy-efficiency, safety and reliability, includes such brands as Salt & Swim® 3C, EcoStar®, EcoStar® C TriStar®, Super Pump®, ProLogic®, AquaConnect®, HeatPro®, ColorLogic®, CrystaLogic™, CAT Controllers®, AquaRite®, Navigator® Pro, PoolVac XL™, TigerShark®, among others.

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