Hayward Introduces new Colorlogic® And CrystaLogic® LED Accent Lighting

New lighting offers total color coordination across all water environments.


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ELIZABETH, NJ (January 27, 2014) - Hayward® Pool Products is excited to introduce its latest lighting innovation, ColorLogic® color LED and CrystaLogic white LED Accent Lighting. Designed with the builder in mind, the new lights are the easiest 1.5 inch lights to install at just 4 inches below the water line, and in as little as 8 inches of PVC conduit. UL-Listed for safe floor or wall installation, the new lighting is ideal for steps, bubblers, baja shelves, spa dam walls or fountains in residential and commercial pools alike.

“Our new accent light meets a growing demand for distributed lighting in pools” said Hayward Senior Product Manager of Controls and Backyard Synergy Greg Fournier. “As pools grow in complexity, there is a greater need to coordinate smaller lit features with the standard pool and spa lighting.”

Installed wet or dry in vinyl, concrete, or fiberglass, both the ColorLogic and CrystaLogic Accent Lights are available in stand-alone versions, with ColorLogic also available in a networked version. Both product families will be available in two brightness levels and varying cord lengths based on application requirements.

The new light offers total color coordination of all water environments. The ColorLogic Accent Light will feature the same 10 fixed colors and seven color-changing shows that are offered with the Universal ColorLogic LED Line. In networked mode, over 101 colors and 11 custom shows are available - all of which are adjustable for speed, motion and brightness.

ColorLogic and CrystaLogic Accent Lights are slated for shipping in spring 2014.

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