Hayward Introduces New AquaVac® 500C Advanced Robotic Cleaner For Commercial Pools Up To 40,000 Gallons.

New microprocessor-based robotic pool cleaner offers unprecedented performance, convenience and efficiency using adaptive technology for thorough pool bottom and wall coverage, a dual mode cleaning feature, a 75-foot cord with swivel, and more.


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ELIZABETH, NJ (November 4, 2014) Hayward® has unveiled the AquaVac® 500C Robotic Pool Cleaner, offering state of the art computer-aided efficiency to pool cleaning for the commercial HMAC market.  The AquaVac 500C incorporates a microprocessor program for thorough pool bottom and wall coverage for total pool cleaning in three hours, or quick cleaning in just 90 minutes. Innovative features include dual scrubbing brushes, a 75-foot cord with swivel, a power supply with an integrated timer, a large, commercial-sized debris cartridge element, a robust caddy cart, and out-of-water sensors for successful operation in beach entry pools.

This powerful, eco-friendly cleaner scrubs and vacuums pool floors, coves, walls, and even the waterline. The out-of-water sensor prevents the cleaner from starting while out of the water, and its beach entry sensor detects when the cleaner is climbing out of the pool and automatically reverses direction.

According to Patrick Sweeney, General Manager of Hayward Commercial Pool Products, “The AquaVac 500C brings exciting new technology to the commercial HMAC (Hotel, Motel, Apartment and Condominium) robotic cleaner market, packing a full array of features into an attractive, easy-to-use design.”

Sweeney explained that the new robotic cleaner utilizes a microprocessor-based design and adaptive programming in order to maximize cleaning efficiency. The Full Pool Coverage Mode scrubs and vacuums the pool floor, coves, walls and waterline in just three hours, and Bottom Only Mode performs a basic floor cleaning cycle in 90 minutes conveniently shutting itself off at the end of its cleaning cycle.

The AquaVac 500C’s integrated timing feature allows the user to select cleaning frequency - every 24, 48 or 72 hours.  It includes an easy-to-access, extra-large debris container with removable cartridge elements for easy cleaning. The cleaner is fully automatic and self-contained, and operates independently from the pool’s filtration system. It also features powerful, dual-scrubbing brushes that loosen dirt, debris and algae.

Sweeney added that the AquaVac 500C is the ideal robotic cleaner for the HMAC market. “This cleaner is an example of Hayward's utilization of technology and industrial design to deliver a reliable, intuitive, feature-rich product that simplifies previously complex operations while saving time and energy,” he said.

AquaVac 500C features include:

  • Rugged, modern, low-profile design with wheels that navigate VGBA compliant main drains
  • A new microprocessor program with adaptive technology for efficient pool cleaning and avoiding obstacles
  • Full Pool Coverage Mode scrubs and vacuums the pool floor, coves, walls and waterline in just three hours, conveniently shutting itself off at the end of its cleaning cycle
  • Bottom Only Mode cleans pool floor in just 90 minutes
  • Dual scrubbing brushes loosen dirt, debris and algae
  • Easy top-access, extra-large debris container with removable cartridge elements for easy-cleaning
  • Integrated timer allows pool owners to select a cleaning schedule of once or recurring every 24, 48 or 72 hours, so they can match pool cleaning frequency with pool’s debris load
  • 75-foot cord with swivels to minimize cord tangling
  • El sensor fuera del agua evita que el limpiafondos se encienda mientras está fuera del agua 
  • El sensor de entrada en la playa detecta cuando sale del agua e invierte la dirección
  • Fully automatic and self-contained operates independently from the pool’s filtration system
  • A large, commercial-sized debris basket
  • A robust caddy cart included holds cleaner, cord and integrated power supply neatly for easy movement and storage
  • Elementos opcionales de limpieza estacional para desechos más grandes

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