Hayward® Introduces Fastest Speed-To-Heat Performance With New 500,000 Btu Universal H-Series Pool Heaters

New high performance gas heaters for both residential and commercial markets expand upon Hayward’s existing gas heater line featuring the industry’s only ‘standard’ Cupro nickel heat exchanger.


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ELIZABETH, NJ (November 3, 2014) Hayward® Pool Products has expanded its Universal H-Series gas heater line with a new 500,000 BTU heater featuring the fastest speed-to-heat capability in its class. The 500,000 BTU heaters, available for both residential and commercial applications, set the standard with industry-leading hydraulics, exceptional performance, energy efficiency, planet-friendly low NOx emissions, reliability and value via the industry’s only “standard” Cupro nickel heat exchanger.

The new Universal H-Series residential models -- H500FDN (natural gas) and H500FDP (propane) -- and commercial ASME models -- H500FDNASME (natural) and H500FDPASME (propane) -- provide unprecedented efficiency and value, according to Bruce Aubrey, Hayward Product Manager – Heat Technology. “The Universal H-Series heaters are ideally suited for both new construction and aftermarket applications. The speed-to-heat of our new 500,000 BTU models will appeal to pool professionals and pool owners – especially when you consider the combination of just two models will produce a million BTUs of heat.”

Aubrey added that the relatively small footprint of Hayward’s new heater means easier installation and maintenance, which is particularly important in commercial pump rooms.

Las características incluyen:

  • 500,000 BTU input for fast  speed-to-heat performance
  • Standard Cupro nickel Finn Plate™ heat exchanger for  superior product value and reliability
  • Patented header bypass design results in the ultimate hydraulic efficiency and reliability
  • Polymer and low lead bronze (commercial ASME) header for excellent corrosion resistance
  • 83 percent thermal efficiency for energy-efficient performance
  • Universal design independent left- or right-side electric, water and gas connections ensures the easiest and  most versatile installation
  • 2" x 2½" CPVC unions and plumbing fittings
  • Commercial ASME SKU’s include pressure relief valve as standard
  • Commercial 500,000 BTU ASME SKU’s include Pressure/Flow Kit as standard
  • Electronic lock-out feature prevents unauthorized access to configuration settings
  • Easy dual-voltage conversion with fuse-protected circuit boards

The Universal H-Series line is also available in the following models; residential heaters - 150,000; 200,000; 250,000; 300,000; 350,000; 400,000 BTU models in natural gas or propane variations, and commercial ASME heaters - 250,000; 400,000 BTU models in either natural gas or propane variations.

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